New technologies

Modern medical market faces multiple challenges

Demografic changes

Cardiovascular and cancerous diseases, which are the most common cause of death in the world

COVID-19 pandemic and further epidemiological crises


Comprehensive telemedicine systems are the answer. Especially the ones using technologies such as:


Artificial Intelligence, AI


Deep Learning, DL

Facing the challenges of modern medicine, team of Healthnomic specialists sees the need for professional tools for the remote diagnostics and carrying out the full treatment process.

We develop and constantly upgrade algorithms that use DL (Deep Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies, which provide for maximum time savings for technicians and doctors during patients' diagnosis.

Own Algorithms Development

Development of DL and AI technologies algorithms will limit the workload for doctors and technicians

Examination data analysis


Artificial Intelligence

Systems that mimic human cognition on task assignments, can improve their effectiveness on the basis of gathered experience.

Automated diagnostics


Deep Learning

Process when the computer is learning how to perform tasks natural for human brains like the speech recogniition, picture identification or forecast generating.